Blind Man’s Bluff
Dodge the groping movements of your blindfolded grandchild, or It. If It catches you, it’s your turn to be blindfolded. Get rules.

Move diagonally — black jumps red, red jumps black. The only color left standing wins. Get rules.

Hot and Cold
Hot means you are close to finding the hidden object. Cold means you couldn’t be farther away if you tried. Get rules.

Hot Potato
Keep the ball moving, and out of your hands. If the music stops and it’s in your hands — you’re out! Get rules.

Bounce the ball, pick up the jacks. Sound easy? It’s not. Get rules.

Musical Chairs
Dance, prance, and shake your booty around a circle of chairs, but once the music stops, make sure you have a place to put that booty! Get rules.

A twist on hide-and-seek: Everyone seeks while one hides. When the player is found, the seeker hides with him. The last person to join the group is the odd man out. Get rules.

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