At least 4 people, but more people make for more fun.
Chairs, one fewer than the number of people playing
A music player

Game play

Arrange a circle of chairs numbering one less than the number of players participating in the game. Players line up outside the ring of chairs while one non-player is in charge of playing music — recorded music is easier, but if there are any musicians in the group, have them play their instruments. When the music begins, the players move, shake, and shimmy in a circle around the chairs, but as soon as the music stops, the players must immediately find a chair. One player will not find a seat and is thus eliminated, and one chair is removed from the circle for the next round. The game continues until one player remains.


Hone your quick reaction skills, but don’t forget to bust a move while you’re traveling around the circle.

International chairs

This game is played the world over, though it’s known by different names depending on the locale. Here’s a list of some of its international names:

  • German: “Reise nach Jerusalem” (Journey to Jerusalem)
  • Russian: “Скучно так сидеть” (It’s boring sitting like this)
  • Japanese:”Isu tori game”(The game of stolen chairs)
  • Romanian: “Pǎsǎricǎ mutǎ-ţi cuibul” (Birdie, move your nest)
  • Swedish: “Hela havet stormar” (The whole sea is storming)

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