A “griddy” game where dots become lines, and lines become squares. The player with the most squares wins. Get rules.

Fortune Teller
Learn your fate with this whimsical paper tool. Pick your way through the flaps to find out what the Fortune Teller has in store for you. Get rules.

Pick your words wisely. Use only one-word clues to describe the password to your teammates. One word answer, one word clues, one great game. Get rules.

Guess letters to fill in the blanks before your little man gets hung out to dry. Get rules.

Discover who you’ll marry, how many children you’ll have, how big your house will be, and more in this silly game of fortune-telling. Get rules.

This is a game of chance in which randomly selected numbers match on a 5×5 scorecard. Five in a row wins! Get rules.

Also known as Noughts and Crosses. Put X’s and O’s all over the board, three in a row wins. Get rules.

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