At least 4 people, split into even-numbered teams

Game play

Before the game begins, players take turns writing 5 to 10 words on individual slips of paper. These words become the “passwords” used during game play. Each team selects a player to be It for each round, while teams pick a password from the opposite team’s word bank. It stands before his team as they share the password with each other. Then, each team takes turns collaborating on a one-word clue to give the It player so he can guess the password. The first team to provide the best clue in the fewest number of turns so that It guesses the password gets one point. Games can last as long as you want, provided you have enough passwords.


Figure out great synonyms for the password to provide the best clues possible.

More rules

Make sure that you are choosing passwords that the It player did not write. Make sure you provide the other team passwords your team creates.

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