2 people or more

Game play

Players agree on a category from which they will name words. Once the category is established, the first player says a word. For example if the category is U.S. cities, the first person might say “Los Angeles.” The second person must begin the name of another city using the last letter of the first city, e.g., “Seattle.” The game continues until a player is stumped and cannot continue the chain (in this example, if the next player cannot think of a city beginning with “E”). Players can play up to any predetermined point value.


Work together to create the longest possible string of words in a given category. Or, stump your opponent by thinking of a word that ends in an obscure letter, e.g., Fort Knox.

Categories abound

Geographical locations are just one of the many categories that can be used in this game. Depending on your group’s interests, you can use categories like Food, Animals, and Sports. Nothing is off-limits — for the youngest players you might even consider playing with ALL words, to improve their vocabulary skills.

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