At least 2 people, but more people make for more fun

Game play

Select one household item for hiding. Player 1 closes his eyes while Player 2 hides the item somewhere in the room. Once the item is properly hidden, Player 2 searches for it slowly and deliberately while Player 1 assists with verbal clues. If Player 2 is not at all close to the item as he searches, Player 1 says, “You’re cold,” but as he gets closer to the hidden item, Player 1 responds, “Getting warmer…” When Player 2 is very close to the item, Player 1 says, “You’re hot!” The verbal temperature indicators aid in finding the item.


Get hot! Warm up by getting closer and closer to finding a hidden object. Once it’s found, the other player takes a turn hiding it and being the temperature-clue giver.


Giving the temperature clues can be more fun if you associate locations. Cold can be “North Pole,” and Hot can be “Sahara Desert.” Substituting any other adjectives can definitely spice it up — frigid, scalding, room temp., and ice cold are all welcome.

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