At least 4 people, but more people make for more fun

Game play

A selected player called the Curator stands at the opposite end of a field of play from the other players, or Statues. When the Curator has his back to the Statues, they attempt to race across the field to tag the Curator. But, when the Curator turns around to face the Statues, they must freeze in their position and hold the pose for as long as the curator gazes at them. Though the Curator can approach and investigate the Statues, he must be careful; when his back is turned to any Statues, they may move toward him. If a Statue is caught moving while the Curator faces it, the Statue must return to the starting line (or be eliminated).


Sneak up on the Curator while his back is turned, but don’t get caught midrun. The first Statue to tag the Curator becomes the new Curator and the game starts again.

Make it more fun

The fun is largely on the side of the Statues in this game, but the Curator can have his own fun by trying to get the Statues to laugh while they’re frozen. Getting them to crack a smile could send them back to the starting line!

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