At least 2 people, but more people make for more fun
A standard deck of cards (no jokers)

Game play

Make sure the deck is well shuffled before laying out the cards, facedown, in four rows of 13 cards. Each player takes turns flipping two cards face-up — if they are of the same number and color (e.g., 9♠ and 9♣, or Q♥ and Q♦), then that player wins the pair and gets another turn. If the cards are not of the same number and color, they are turned back facedown and it becomes the next player’s turn to pick two cards. The game continues until players have picked up all the pairs; the winner is the player with the most pairs.


Turn over more pairs of matching cards than your opponent.

Mix it up
  • Any Color: Good for young children. Any number pairings are a match, regardless of color.
  • Zebra: Pairs match with opposite colors (J♦ would match with J♣ or J♠, but not J♥)
  • Two Decks: For a much longer game, lay them out in 8 rows of 13 cards Pairs must be same number and same suit (10♣ with 10♣).
  • Fancy: The card layout can be in any formation the dealer may choose — circle, triangle, or pyramid
  • Spaghetti: Cards are strewn about randomly on the floor in no shape or pattern, making the card locations tougher to remember.

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