Welcome to a new semi-regular feature, the Grievous Rebus! These will make you groan — but will also make you think. (But mostly groan.) Dust off your music history knowledge and sound it out. The category is “hit song from the mid-1970s.”

I will put a pleasing photo here so you don’t accidentally spot the answer.

Nice rainbow. Now, let’s get to work.

That first photo is obviously David Bowie. No tricks here: we’re not looking for Thin White Duke or Ziggy Stardust. “Bowie” will suffice.

Now for the second clue. Who’s that? That’s “me”! (Well, it’s a guy pointing to himself. He’s me.)

Next we come to an adorable baby. But in case you want to try to solve the puzzle with the first two clues, let me drop in another (completely unrelated) photo before we reveal the next part.

All right, what’s that adorable baby doing? Unwrapping! Or, for our purposes, “unwrap.”

We’re down to our final clue. It’s a couch! A sofa! A…a…settee?

“Bowie” + “me” + “unwrap” + “settee.”

This photo isn’t random:

BowieMeUnwrapSettee. Bohemian Rhapsody!

There you go! Thanks for playing. Now go find this leopard.