For the average person airline prices can seem like an inscrutable black box, and it’s difficult to know when and where to travel to get the best deal.

But if you’re flexible in your travel dates, there are some excellent deals out there to be had. Head on over to Reader’s Digest, where thanks to data from the travel search engine KAYAK, they’ve put together a calendar of the best days each month to book your flight and nab the lowest fares.

They’ve also conveniently added ideal advance booking times for various destinations:  

  • North America, the Caribbean, and South America: 1 month in advance
  • Central America: 3 months in advance
  • South Pacific: 4 months in advance
  • Africa: 5 months in advance
  • Asia, Middle East, and Europe: 6 months in advance

While lucky travelers might catch fluke flight deals, not all of us can go on vacation a the drop of a hat. And the ideal dates vary by month, and depending on whether you’re flying domestic or international.

But as you plan your dream trip this year, check out the table below and you just may save yourself some serious money on your plane tickets—which you can spend on Pina Coladas instead.


Cheapest DayMedian Airfare – Calculated by KAYAK
January 27$194
February 3$215
March 6$234
April 28$217
May 5$220
June 2$247
July 4 & 11$217
August 24$240
September 8 & 15$220
October 27$212
November 30$208
December 1$201


Cheapest DayMedian Airfare – Calculated by KAYAK
January 19$562
February 22$582
March 5$600
April 26$566
May 3$592
June 2$754
July 28$777
August 23$681
September 27$617
October 25 & 26$583
November 23$575
December 2$626