Welcome to today’s brain teaser. This time, there’s no math. Study the list of words above. Read them aloud if that helps. What do they have in common?

Another problem

We always like to jam in a second challenge to make sure you don’t accidentally scroll down and see the answer. If you were a little disappointed by the “no math” declaration about today’s question, you can get your math fix here:

How much does the ball cost? Despite its simplicity, only 50% of people at some elite colleges got it right. Find the answer here.

A hint

Let’s get back to today’s teaser, which comes courtesy of Braingle. Need a hint? It has something to do with the first letter.

(Another) another problem

One more bonus problem before we get to today’s answer. We’ve given you five numbers: 8, 5, 4, 9 and 1. Can you give us the next five? Find the answer here.

Today’s answer

Did you come up with the answer? When you take the first letter of each word and move it to the end, you get the same word when you read it backwards.

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