If you’ve ever had a long layover or a delayed flight — and let’s be honest, who hasn’t? — you likely know the struggle of trying to connect to airport WiFi.

Sometimes you need a password, sometimes you need to register, there could be limits. The list of problems goes on.

But Anil Polat, a blogger at FoxNomad, a computer engineer, and an avid traveler may have solved all of our problems: He created a map with WiFi passwords for airports all over the world. 

He crowdsources the information, meaning the map is constantly being updated. And it’s not just the public internet, it has the WiFi passwords for lounges and areas that aren’t open to the public.

Originally, Polat posted a blog entry that listed all of the airports, and he would update his Facebook page when there was a new password or airport added. Then a reader suggested creating a map, which Polat did. And now he has an app with the same information for iPhone and Android, called WiFox. 

So the next time you’re planning your airport connections — both between planes and on the internet — check out WiFox for the skinny on broadband.