You’re not a true horror film junkie until you’ve let the the inner-workings of your psyche be antagonized by murderous household appliances. Buckle your seatbelts and prepare to enlighten yourself with frightening tales of homicidal garbage cans, fans, and Cuisinarts.

And if appliances don’t cut it for you, fear not: A tire that comes to life and kills simply because it wants to will be sure to put you in the Halloween spirit. These five horror films give bizarre an entirely new meaning — because, in the end, who needs a deranged lunatic when you’re being targeted by a… tomato?

‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!” (1978)

Gardeners beware: Your tomatoes might be scheming behind your back. IMDb calls tomatoes a “traditionally docile fruit,” though Jean-Marc Rocher’s film certainly takes the untraditional route. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes involves a killing spree instigated by the juicy red produce and a crack team whose mission is to investigate the murderous fruits’ misdemeanors.

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One would think that a couple moving from the suburbs of Cleveland to an Avenue D walk-up apartment would be a pretty standard, albeit hectic, experience. In The Refrigerator, however, typical moving annoyances are replaced with the sheer horror of the aforementioned appliance trying to kill the couple. I mean, fridges are more deadly than sharks so perhaps inspiration was drawn from this statistic?

Director Nicholas Jacobs ends the movie with a garbage can, some menacing fans, and a Cuisinart all joining forces with the refrigerator for an iconic massacre.

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There’s nothing quite like when you’re lounging around on your recliner and it suddenly becomes possessed, unleashing a lifetime of pent-up rage. In Bernie Rao’s horror film, said recliner rises up on its footrest and recruits its wiry inner springs to do much of the dirty work. There are two types of people in the world: ones who are haunted by the killer sofa’s glowing eyes and others whose stomachs hurt from laughing so hard.

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Ah, the demonic laundry press: a timeless classic. In The Mangler, a laundry machine quite literally folds and demands blood sacrifice. Directed by Tobe Hooper of Poltergeist and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, this film is based on a Stephen King short story in which police and para-psychologists are racing against the clock in order to survive the wrath of a (typically) inanimate object.

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Quentin Depieux made sure to really humanize the villain of this film by naming him Robert. Robert, however, is not a human. He is a tire on an untamed killing spree throughout the California desert. Dupieux even employs a healthy dose of nihilism by suggesting that Robert has complete agency over the situation — he’s not killing because he’s possessed, he’s doing it because he can.

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