Here at Considerable HQ, we’re just as worried about coronavirus as the rest of you. The news cycle is endless, with new reports and troubling statistics emerging every hour. We’re also writing about it every day, and taking our minds off the day’s events, even when we clock-off for the evening, isn’t easy. But one of our writers has been working on a project she hopes will distract and uplift you.

Poetry in the Wild is described as:

“A place where poetry steps off the page and into the everyday. From coffee shops to Central Park, offices to playgrounds, poetry is taking a walk on the wild side. Poetry in the Wild will feature movie stars, bartenders, office managers, writers, kids, and everyone else, bringing you poetry out and about on the streets of New York and maybe beyond.”

Ruthie Darling, the creator of the series, also went on to say, “It is my somewhat lofty goal here to suggest that poetry doesn’t need to be feared or studied in fusty old school halls. Poetry is a life tool, poetry is therapy, poetry is beauty, it is written for YOU.”

Videos are being released twice a week, and next Monday’s video will feature the Hollywood actor Armie Hammer.  

Take a look at the Instagram video below and follow along there or on Facebook.