Time for another classic brain teaser. As someone who spends what feels like several hours a day searching for my smartphone, perhaps this practice will improve my performance.

This challenge was originally posted by Jei Yah Mei Estigoy of the Philippines. Take a closer look:

While you scour the carpet, we’ll share a few links to some recent Considerable stories.

• One of the more complicated topics surrounding phone use is the delicate issue of taking away an aging parent’s smartphone. This piece has multiple anecdotes of how things can go wrong, including a man who went on Amazon and ordered four pocket translators, several watches and a large quantity of maple sugar candies for $1,000.

• Best Buy acquired the company behind the Jitterbug phone (remember the Jitterbug phone?) for $800 million. They’re banking on a slew of smart home products to keep Americans connected and safe as they age.

• Older Americans have immense buying power, and Silicon Valley is finally taking notice. Here’s a round-up of 10 tech startups trying to make life better for this demographic.

OK, did you spot the phone? Here it is:

Thanks for playing. Now see if you can spot this leopard.