3 to 8 people
A standard deck of cards (no jokers)

Game play

Standard poker hand rankings apply. See Basic Poker rules for the list.

Each player is dealt six cards. In the first round, each player selects three unwanted cards and passes them facedown to the player on his left. No player is allowed to see his new cards until everyone has passed. The second round is the same as the first, only with two cards, then a third round with one card. A round of betting comes after the cards have been dealt and again after each round of passing. Players now have six cards in their hand, from which the best 5-card poker hand wins.


Pass your unwanted cards to the left, pick up another player’s unwanted cards, and make a composite 5-card hand better than the rest.

Mix it up

There are a few variations:

  • Alter the amount of starting cards (seven cards is reasonable).
  • Add another round of passing cards (start with four).
  • Alter the pattern of the passing of the cards (left, right, diagonal), perhaps by round.

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